When I first signed up for the course, I had a good idea going in what I was going to be in for, but still was surprised. We didn’t discuss historical video games at all, which is something I wasn’t expecting to have discussed much but would have liked an opportunity to go over it, as it’s becoming a platform for many to learn history (Or monuments in video games, of which there are at least one article written). Of the articles and assignments, I really liked the historian blogger one we did around Halloween, which was a great deal of fun to listen to and talk about. The actual crowdsourcing of transcribing and tagging was also fun and interesting to talk about, and something I will be doing in the future.

Admittedly I had read similar articles about open source websites like Wikipedia and twitter when writing my white paper on digital history for Prof. Glaser. I still enjoyed them as well, and the conversation about them. I did try to comment on another persons posts every once in a while, but wish I did instigate more of a discussion online over the course of the semester. As far as the readings go I felt they were helpful, though truthfully I read a good chunk of the Rosenzweig book over the course of the summer to help give extra context to the course and supplement the readings. While we did have some readings out of that book, I was more ambivalent about it. It was new information to discover the non-permanence of the internet, as we were all told that once it’s on the internet it’s there forever, which isn’t always exactly true. I’ve also decided to make the exhibit my capstone, which there is a lot of material to go off of and is something I look forward to.


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