Missing the Things You Missed

The blog I decided to check out was “Things you Missed in History Class”. I was first greeted by ads, which I am actually OK with. The podcast episode in particular was about the Hagley Woods Murder. (Fitting, it’s Halloween!) One of the benefits and drawbacks in the availability of ads and how easy they can be put on to these podcasts. It is about a mysterious murder of a woman who’s body appeared in the middle of an elm tree. She was suffocated to death by forceful asphyxiation, and had been dead for a year and a half. Chilling, it immediately caught my attention as I love murder mysteries.

I love podcasts, but I never listened to a history one before. I usually listen to Roosterteeth or TFS as they are pretty popular gaming/personality podcasters who discuss their various going ons. I actually like the people talking on this one, they have good chemistry and a likable personality. It’s good for easy listening and helps translate the information well, as it feels like I’m part of a lecture or conversation which helps me retain the information better. It also allows an easier and quite literally discussion between experts across multiple fields which can help greater transfer information to interested listeners. Books on tape were the sort of predecessors to this, as my father and I would listen to them commuting to work or during long vacations, listening to a wide variety of book ranging from the Chronicles of Narnia to “Goodness without God”.

The upsides of podcasts is they can reach audience quickly and transfer information quickly and easily. The formality of a podcast is also variable, with it being more personal to help create a greater connection to their audience. The downside is linking source information and diving into the nitty gritty of the source material is less prevelent and potentially boring detracting more casual listeners, as well as the problem of not being able to quickly skim for information or gut as can be done in a PDF., article, or book. Still, it works well. I like the podcast I listened to and certainly am going to give them more of my time in the future.


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